El Taller del Orfebre

My name is Genesis Nunez and I am a Youth Group Coordinator at Queen of Peace Catholic Church. It was an honor for my Fiancé and I to participate in the play organized by EvangelizArte. We played the roles of Monica and Cristobal.

Evangelizarte is a group of youth who evangelize through art. It uniquely demonstrates God to people through music, acting and art. Individuals connect with characters and the situations presented in the play.

“The Jewler’s Shop”, was written by Karol Wojtyla (Pope Saint John Paul II) in 1956. It’s about 3 couples who are very different but relate through the old man, the jeweler, at the Jeweler’s Shop. The first couple find love through friendship, the second find love through a troublesome faze in their marriage and the third are a young couple, who are afraid to take their relationship to the next level. The young man, Cristobal, is the son of the first couple and the young woman, Monica, is daughter of the second couple. Both have doubts and fears, because of their parent’s situations.

Backstage, during our first presentation, I noticed my fiancé was nervous. I was sure it was because we were presenting the play for the first time. When our presentation came to an end, the actors went on stage to take a bow. When our turn came I saw him walk to the side of the stage then back with a bouquet of flowers, I had no idea what was happening, this wasn’t in our rehearsal. Behind him I saw a sign that said, “Genesis, te quieres casar conmigo?”, (“Genesis, will you marry me?). I felt my blood rush to my feet. My parents, sisters, cousins, his brother and our closest friends were present, they all new about the proposal. It was an unforgettable moment. Later, he told me he could not think of a better moment to propose.

His character said something very beautiful with which we can now relate. “So, when our wedding day comes, I will come and get you out of your house, transformed into a mature person for pain, for the new pain of love, for the pain of a new birth, and we will all feel immensely joyful and we will reach the limit of what, in the language of men, is perhaps called “happiness.” We have been in a relationship for 4 years now. We are very blessed and are very excited about the planning, the premarital preparation and everything that we will live together.

I’d like to give a special thanks to Gabriela for all of her dedication to put this Play together.