Jovanna Morales

Persevering to Become a Professional

“Education is a treasure that no one can take away from us,” notes Jovanna Morales, UPAEP Online’s newest graduate through Centro San Juan Diego, who completed her degree in Business Administration in February. Jovanna left Mexico 18 years ago with only one semester left to finish her psychology degree; however, life took her on a different path. In the United States, she got married, had a child, and helped with her husband’s plumbing business. Nevertheless, she always envisioned herself becoming a professional. So, when she learned about Centro’s UPAEP Online program, she decided to study Business Administration in order to develop the family business. The variety of courses in the program helped Jovanna successfully analyze the company and make necessary changes, such as finding jobs for the employees that best matched their skills. Over her four and a half years of study, she also greatly improved her confidence, self-expression, and ability to use a computer.

Despite the challenges and obstacles along the way, Jovanna shares that earning a college degree has helped her broaden her horizons and serve as an example for her son. “’I can’t’” should not exist,” she says, “but rather, the opposite, ‘I can.’” Now that she has completed her degree, she plans to get more involved in her husband’s company and would also like to gain further experience by working elsewhere. She is on her way, as this new professional already has a few job offers on the table.  Congratulations, Jovanna!

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